Kombucha Fun Facts

Do you like the BOOCH?! 🌟Kombucha has quickly become one of my favorite drinks on the market. As a non-coffee/soda drinker, I found myself left out of the fizzy and fun beverage world. Kombucha is a great alternative to many unhealthy drink alternatives because it is low in sugar and commonly has only natural sugar from fruit added! Kombucha is made from fermenting black tea with a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). It looks disgusting🙈 (which it is) when its being made, but it’s taken out of the drink before it gets to you! Since the SCOBY ferments in the tea, there are natural probiotics produced (hello healthy gut benefits!) which create a great effervescence in the Kombucha. Remember that prebiotics in your diet (from foods such as apples🍏, bananas🍌, whole grains🥖, asparagus, garlic and more) can help feed these probiotics, thus enhancing the effectiveness of your booch.


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