Perfect French Omelette

I love youtube videos. I could spend hours a day getting lost in the maze that is clickbait. In fact- I do. I recently came across this video from Bon Appetit teaching how to make the perfect French omelette.

Ever since I made this omelette,  I cannot stop making them! Its super easy but something about the texture once its done is incredible. The omelette comes out creamy and smooth every time. Another bonus, it only requires TWO eggs and no separating the whites.

I’ve experimented with different fillings. Some of my favorite include

  • Cacio e pepe- parm and pecorino romano cheese and fresh black pepper
  • American cheese
  • Fresh basil (or you can top it with pesto!)
  • Swiss cheese
  • Gruyere cheese

Below are some photos of omelettes I’ve made using this French omelette technique.

If you make this be sure to tag me on instagram using the hashtag #pixleyhilleats #pixleyhill





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